27 Aug 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Heard about the Phnom Penh "miracle"? A public utility that extended service with full cost recovery in one of poorest, most corrupt countries? One factor driving success was bonuses for good employees and the axe for those who underperformed. Read all about it here [pdf] -- I met the author a few weeks ago in Berlin :)

  2. India's mismanagement of energy is similar to -- and connected with -- its mismanagement of water.

  3. Shale gas drilling near your house? Good news if you get proyalties, bad news if you have a private well (in terms of property value, but I'd say that it's hard to separate perception from actual water contamination).

  4. A discussion of toilet-to-treatment-to-tap, to turn waste- used water into something useful.

  5. Obviously? "This first, rigorous evaluation of a WASH project... finds that the water point intervention had a sizable impact on the use of improved water sources and on the health of young children while sanitation training had a strong impact on latrine ownership and on the health of both adults and older children" in Mozambique.
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Brad said...

Phnom Penh "miracle": illustrates how the answer for underdeveloped world is non-corrupt political institutions, a hard thing to export.

Question on Scientific America article about wastewater reuse. How viable is seawater and 3 water pipes given that so much of the world lives near an ocean? What are the comparative costs?

Old hotels in Atlantic City, the best hotels on the Boardwalk during its heyday, had salt water piped into the bathtubs so that guests could receive the therapeutic benefits of salt water baths...so it is not a crazy idea.

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