3 Aug 2012

Speed blogging

  1. A paper [PDF] using field experiments to explore self-organized complex irrigation systems.

  2. Some progress in California:
    The Mokelumne Watershed Environmental Benefits Program is a model of how farmers can voluntarily work together with other land stewards to improve the quality of freshwater supplies while lowering the costs of water supply to downstream users. By creating a framework where environmental services are tracked and traded, the program substantially increases both the amount and effectiveness of environmental stewardship.
    Read more [PDF]

  3. Here's a really great paper [PDF] examining the impacts of institutions and transaction costs on water trading in the Columbia River basin. Conclusion: "Efficiency is not free, you need to invest in the institutions to get the payoff of water trading, and measuring transaction costs helps reduce bottlenecks."

  4. Bottled water consumption in Mexico is high due to advertising, untrustworthy suppliers, and government's failure to extend water service.

  5. Some southern California water managers argue that the San Diego Water Authority should spend more time controlling its costs and less time suing the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. My reply:
    SDCWA is seeking "independence" because Met's governance structure is neither efficient nor fair (as discussed in my dissertation on Met). Met needs to reform its management structure and the distribution of water, revenue and costs if it is ever going to hope to serve ALL the people of Southern California.
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