15 Aug 2012

Poll results -- this blog's readers

There's a new poll (are polls a good idea?) on the right sidebar ===>

Here are the results from the most recent poll:

Where do you work?
Academic water/environment 15%15
Academic other 7%7
Government water/environment 18%18
Government other 5%5
NGO water/environment 13%13
NGO other 4%4
Industry water/environment 21%21
Industry other 17%17

These statistics are quite interesting to me, as they show readers (who vote) to be 22% academic, 23% government, 17% NGO and 38% industry. Those last two numbers surprise me, since I'd expect that NGO types would be more interested than industry types in policy discussions, but perhaps NGOs "know all they need to know" and industry types are looking for good ideas? Just a thought.

Bottom Line: It's great having readers with a variety of perspectives.

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