21 Aug 2012

My TEDx talk: Water policy for the people

Here, after some considerable delay, is my TEDx Wageningen talk.* In it, you will see and hear:
  1. My greatest fail when starting a talk.
  2. My plea for more choice in an age of water scarcity.**
  3. A few clear examples.
  4. Chocolate.

* It starts at 1 min and 5 seconds because the MC's introduction rambled for too long. You will also note that the talk is of "sub-TED" quality due to a massive A/V screw up (no HD); I'm lucky to have any recording. That basically kills my chances to make the TED home page, but the message is still important. Here are all the talks from TEDx Wageningen.

** My subtitle: "Citizens pushing for better water policy may as well be pushing on a string."

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