23 Jul 2012

Webinars this week!

I will be going through The End of Abundance, one chapter at a time, starting with the introductory chapter ("The beginning of the end") on Wednesday 25 July.

I'll cover chapter 1 ("Water from the tap") on Friday the 27th and do the rest of the chapters in Part One on succeeding Fridays. (I'll get to Part Two starting on 14 Sep.)

All webinars will start at 8am Pacific Time (5pm in the Netherlands).

In each webinar, I will cover the main points of the chapter, discuss changes and updates to be included in the second edition of the book, and take your questions. Questions, corrections and other comments will help me improve the book for its second edition.

There is space for up to 100 people (!), but you can register ahead of time here.

Those of you who cannot register in advance can click on this link to access the webinar at 8am on Wednesday. I will try to add you as the meeting progresses.

Archived meetings will be available for those of you who cannot attend the live event.

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