9 Jul 2012

Monday funnies!

What's wrong with this picture (from a toilet in the economics faculty in Prague)?

Think for ten seconds before you click to see the answer...

So -- notice the lack of a toilet paper dispenser? It seems that the powers that be decided -- in the name of (economic or engineering) efficiency, no doubt -- to put paper in a central location (to make it easier to refill dispensers? to make stalls narrower?).

The problem with this "take what you need into the stall" idea is that people do not always know exactly how much paper to take. People like me who are slightly risk averse wrt this question end up taking "too much" paper just to be safe. But that strategy results in wasted paper, on average, since left over paper is rarely going to be used by others if it's left behind (too many puns here).

The result, then, is either upset people who took too little TP or wasted TP for those who took too much. Indeed, there was a waste bin next to the sinks (and electric hand dryers) that was full of wadded TP.

Bottom Line: Don't be too efficient when it comes to bottoms, lest ye waste the paper thou wanted to conserve.


Anonymous said...

At least there are doors!

Matt said...

I've encountered this in China. Awkward.

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