16 Jul 2012

Anything but water

  1. This paper discusses the impact of crop patterns on direct and indirect deforestation in Brazil. Read this [PDF] if you want to understand the details of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) on deforestation in Costa Rica.

  2. Interesting blog post discussing the economics of Apple's decision to drop "green certification." Apple then re-joined the program -- more, perhaps, to do with greenwashing than eco-consciousness.

  3. Did you see that article on how US water quality has not improved by much [PDF]? This paper looks at air quality in the EU, finding a mix of gains and no changes.

  4. This paper, meanwhile, explains low fines for violation of environmental laws as the result or strained enforcement budgets, i.e., settle cheap to avoid a long, costly fight.

  5. The mafia also likes renewable energy subsidies. Meanwhile this IMF paper [PDF] says "fuel subsidies are a costly approach to protecting the poor due to substantial benefit leakage to higher income groups. In absolute terms, the top income quintile captures six times more in subsidies than the bottom"

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