9 Jul 2012

Aguanomics webinars

As I mentioned recently, I will be holding a series of FREE webinars that up to 25 people can attend live.*

These webinars will cover chapters from The End of Abundance, i.e.:

Part I: Personal water choices:
  1. Water from the tap on 25 Jul (Wednesday)
  2. Dirty water on 27 Jul (Friday)
  3. The liquid lifestyle on 3 Aug (Friday)
  4. Water for profit on 10 Aug (Friday)
  5. Food and water on 17 Aug (Friday)
  6. Water for power for water on 24 Aug (Friday)
I plan that each webinar will run for one or two hours, beginning at 8:00 PT (11:00 ET or 17:00 NL).

My goal is to give a brief overview of the material in the chapter (hopefully VERY brief, since most attendees will have read my book and/or have familiarity with the topic), before moving on the questions and answers.

I plan to post webinars on my site for download (audio only, it seems). The webinar itself will probably have a video component.

 I am planning to pay for, and use, Adobe's connect service, since that seems to give better quality than Citrix GoToMeeting (but what about WebEx?)

So, how does that sound? 

Does anyone have an idea of whether it's better to have the FIRST meeting on another day besides Wednesday? I am going for Fridays since (I think) most people are more relaxed for a meeting on these days.

* Note that these are the free side of my "fremium" strategy of subsidizing general advice by consulting one-on-one with those who want confidential advice suitable to their particular situation ($100 per hour, increasing by $50/hr after five clients). If you're interested in this, then please email me.

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