4 Jun 2012

Water policy and policy impacts

I am working on the EPI-Water project with about 25 people from 11 institutions in 9 EU states. We are studying the impact of economic policy instruments (EPIs) on water outcomes.

In January, we met in Berlin to discuss the outcomes from the first year, during which time we produced an "Assessment Framework" (AF) for evaluating the impact of EPIs on three criteria (economic, environmental, distributional), as mitigated by four factors (institutions, transaction costs, policy implementation, uncertainty).

We then used the AF to examine the performance of 30 case studies (20 in the EU and 10 abroad). I worked on two case studies, one on groundwater taxes in the Netherlands and another on implementing water metering in England and Wales [PDF].

I recommend the AF [PDF] to anyone interested in understanding policy performance with and without an EPI.

I recorded some presentations at the conference: Bottom Line: Water policy innovations will not be useful until we can measure their impacts.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks David,

This also reminds me that we (at Ecologic) also reported the event in our own web page. Please have a look at: http://ecologic.eu/4598
It contains web links to all the relevant material (including the proceedings of the conference), our presentations and some pics.
Finally, juts in case anyone is interested, all presentations of the event can be found in the EPI-water project web site: http://www.feem-project.net/epiwater/pages/events/120126/02prog.html.

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