5 Jun 2012

Water and conflict at Oxford

I presented my paper on land and water grabs at the Oxford conference on water security -- a conference, I was VERY happy to see, that made recordings of all presentations. Check them out!

Here are my slides [PDF] and here is a recording of my presentation [MP3].* I was bemused to hear that we needed to turn off the recorders to have an "unofficial" chat about politics in Europe. What secret was revealed to the 30 people in the room? That Germany has a big influence on politics in Greece, Spain, et al. No shit.

The biggest thing that worried me about the content of this conference is how the "security" people are getting more interested in water. That's not a good development, since they are far less likely to care about sustainability or efficiency and far more likely to use water as a weapon. Watch your backs (and wells)!

* Yes, this is the same paper I presented more recently in DC. Just a different audience/emphasis.

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