19 Jun 2012

Speed blogging

  1. The river sharing problem: A review of the technical literature for policy economists and Time-Consistent Fair Water Sharing Agreements [$]. Both of these papers get at the difficult question of dividing costs and benefits among various water users.

  2. Two Central Basin Water Agency directors lost re-elections (partially) due to problems with corruption. They deny the problems, but at least there's SOME customer feedback. Good. In better news, a water agency uses eBay to acquire equipment at lower prices, saving money for ratepayers. Good.

  3. An interesting article on the gains (to ecosystems, water suppliers and firemen) from thinning forests that have gone too dense under "no burn" management.

  4. An OECD report on water QUALITY and agriculture, including details on quality treading, ocean eutrophication, etc. This OECD report discusses the most important elements required to tackle water scarcity: financing, governance and coherence (aka, nexuses, which I think to be a distraction where prices are concerned, but potentially important when bureaucrats are involved).

  5. An interesting op/ed pointing out how "outsiders" dismiss local concerns in their quest to mine water for export... in California.
H/Ts to EG and UG

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