25 Jun 2012

Poll results -- Regulations

Hey! There's a new poll (who reads this blog anyway?) on the right ===>

As far as environmental regulations are concerned, do you think that the federal government should [check all that apply]

Here are results from readers of this blog:
Delegate more regulations to states 28 votes
Issue more regulations 23 votes
Issue fewer regulations 16 votes
Revoke regulations 17 votes
Spend more time/money to enforcing regulations 50 votes
Do nothing (just right) 5 votes

...and here are results from Tim Kane's Q2 2012 Econ Blog Survey of 41 bloggers:
Delegate more regulations to states 17
Issue more regulations8
Issue fewer regulationsn/a
Revoke regulations21
Spend more time/money enforcing regulations19
Do nothing (just right)3

As you see, readers favored more enforcement; economics bloggers also favored that action, but put far more emphasis on revoking regulations. (Related: Lynne discusses how experimentation and information discovery can lead to better regulation.) This difference may be due to a general feeling that there are too many regulations on environmental activities, a general respect for regulations among readers, or different opinions (good/bad) on different regulations.

Bottom Line: "Informed individuals" prefer more emphasis on enforcing regulations and delegating regulations from federal to local authorities. There's some controversy over whether it's better to issue more regulations or revoke existing regulations.

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