12 Jun 2012

My TEDx talk

Follow this link to watch the talk I gave at TEDx Wageningen.*

In the talk ("Pushing a String"), I spoke on the difference between markets/ecosystems in which push/pull competition produces more robust outcomes and water systems where push mechanisms give very little power to consumers, who are faced with the option of accepting the service/choices they are given or giving feedback that's ignored (i.e., pushing on a string). I go on to give fail examples of Las Vegas (sell you cheap water then tell you how to use it), Westlands Water District and the millenium development goal for clean drinking water. I also provide win examples to show how each of these fails could be reversed.

The talk was a challenge for me, not just because my mike fell off, but also because I was using no notes, trying to work a string (not very well, unfortunately), and speaking on this topic for the first time. That said, I think I did a decent job (7/10), and the chocolate was quite good.

Please let me know how you think, either through stars or comments here.


TS said...

Good work. I feel like I have been pushing on a string for the past 24 years.

PW said...

Really excellent, you do a great job of communicating these issues.

On the MDGs and access to an improved water source not equating to access to safe water, you may be interested in this article published in the WHO Bulletin earlier this year:


It demonstrates with field data what people living and working in developing countries have known all along: the progress (and now much-heralded achievement!) of the MDG target on water access is an illusion.

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