11 Jun 2012

Influential writing on California water?

From here, via SS:
To help celebrate the Water Education Foundation's 35th Anniversary, we are seeking your input and thoughts on the most influential written words on California water... reflect on the various written words and publications that have influenced you and others in the ongoing discourse around California's water resources...

Nominate up to five written documents that you believe have had a major influence on the water community and landscape in California. This may include books (non-fiction and fiction), articles, judicial opinions, legislation, agency reports, law reviews, professional journals, technical reports, poetry and Internet blogs.

Please provide the name of the publication and one paragraph explanation on why you believe the document has been influential and has thus contributed to the water landscape in California.

Email your submittal to Sue McClurg, smcclurg@watereducation.org
If you like my book or this blog, then please nominate one or both by 30 August!

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