20 Jun 2012

Anything but water

  1. One of my favorite examples of the importance of free markets and pricing was the way in which the Poles restored sanity in 1990 by deregulating prices: "...concentrate on the price of eggs. If eggs appeared, if eggs got cheaper, the market would be working. Eggs did appear. And then the price of eggs began to fall." This example, not coincidentally, reproduced the experience with the end of price controls in post-WWII Germany.

  2. The surprising math of cities and corporations: Cities get more efficient with population (but not in tree density!); corporations get less efficient with size (but not in lobbying!)

  3. The Amazon effect -- an interesting update on the macroeconomics of publishing.

  4. Are economics PhDs learning the wrong things? Yes, when you consider that professional advancement is controlled by older PhD economists, not value in a market. On a related vein, there's a new site for "reviewing my reviewer" of academic papers.

  5. Scientific literacy does not remove bias, since literate people are even more inclined to be biased.
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