4 May 2012

Poll results -- World Water WTF

Hey, there's a new poll (regulations) on the right sidebar! ===>
Is world water day/week/decade useful for solving water problems?
No -- a distraction from REAL work 15%18
No -- just smoke and noise 33%40
Yes -- people do things to hit deadlines 5%6
Yes -- it improves awareness and thus addresses problems 38%46
Yes -- it explicitly improves policy 1%1
Other (be prepared to discuss) 8%10
121 votes total

As, you may have guessed, I am in the "no" camp. I would not say "yes" as far as "ordinary" people are concerned, due to the way attention on water issues spikes for one day and returns to zero for the next 364 days. Water policies need to be discussed and presented day after day (as they are at this blog), since they are based more on psychology, politics and persuasion than simple, self-reinforcing market incentives.

The only "awareness" I got in Marseille, was an appreciation of the degree with which most water ideas and technologies fail to address the economics or politics driving water policies. That's more of an announcement of ongoing failure than way to address problems.

But I DID appreciate the opportunity to do some networking :)

Bottom Line: Energy spent on useless leaves less time for useful.

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