10 May 2012

iPad FTW

A few months ago, I posted on my purchase of a Galaxy Tab 10.1. After some time and experience, I decided to go over to the Apple "dark side."

  • I couldn't get the apps I wanted (New Yorker and Economist) on the Galaxy.
  • The software on the Galaxy was kludgy (hard to switch between apps, close apps)
  • The hardware on the Galaxy was also poorly designed (can't charge while on the stand, off button where I kept hitting it by accident, poor tap recognition)
  • Turns out I don't care too much about all the "alternative" apps...
So I bought the new iPad. Yes, it's $500, but it's a DAMN GOOD $500 investment cost for the benefits I get:
  • Much easier to sync google, music, etc. with my laptop (Lenovo) and iPhone
  • Better layout of hardware and software
  • Cool magnetic cover that puts the IPad to sleep when I use it
  • More and better apps, e.g., iTransDC is free and awesome (they do several US cities)
Bottom Line: It's the little things that make the difference between an annoying computer product and one that is a pleasure to use.

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