20 Apr 2012

Water chat -- Joe Troester

Celebrate the small things
How hard is it to get a glass of clean water in a developing country?

I talked to Joe Troester, who works in the Central African Republic, in Marseille about his work: bringing clean water to some of the world's poorest people.*

During our 16 minute talk [6MG MP3] Joe describes how to get cement into the jungle (to build the enclosure in the picture), why it takes 2 hours to pump up a tire, and why a missionary can't always talk about God.

This is from his blog post on the World Water Forum in Marseille:
Although the World Water Forum focused on the developing world, there seemed to be little interest in places like the CAR. It would be a slight misrepresentation to say that the conference was all about aid agencies and commercial companies in the developed world selling their assistance and products to the developing world. But that was clearly the focus of many. There were, however, others hidden in the corners that were interested in the poorest of the poor... keep reading
Bottom Line: Some people don't have clean water. Those who help them get it have to work very hard.

* CAR has a purchasing-power adjusted GDP of $700 per capita, but a Gini coefficient of 61. That means that a minority receives most of that income. Per capita income for the poorest is definitely under $1 per day.

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