30 Apr 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Frackers outbid farmers for water in Colorado. Good. Now farmers can see how valuable their water is on the field,or in the market. In related news, read this paper discussing water trades in Colorado (Big Thompson and Super Ditch).

  2. A good op/ed by a southern California business owner pointing out that privatization is not necessary if municipal utilities collect enough revenue to pay for their water systems. It's cowardly politicians, not "the business model" that's broken.

  3. "Take or pay" means that Melbourne customers will pay $176 million for desal water they do not need. Ouch.

  4. The WTF that happens in Vegas: State engineer won't give you water? Replace him. Lose in court? Have the new engineer "discover" new water for you. Sadly, the impacts will NOT stay in Vegas.

  5. Interesting details on getting clean water in India.
H/Ts to DC, DL, JM and TS


benjaminpink said...

Hi David, that link to the op/ed re: privatization says that the article doesn't exist on their site anymore. Do have another link possibly ?

David Zetland said...

@Ben -- http://www.waterworld.com/index/display/news_display/1644236069.html (silly newspaper)

Eric said...

Calling politicians cowardly is fun but non productive. I would like it if, in talking about politicians, we could discuss how they might make the requested vote and still get reelected. Making an unpopular vote while continuing to get elected, especially if your own party cuts off your campaign funds for making the vote, seems to be the tricky part.

David Zetland said...

@Eric -- you're right. I should have said "poor communicators" since they are unable to discuss the importance of governance, regulation and payment for services...

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