25 Apr 2012

Speed blogging

  1. A video discussion of water management (and full cost pricing) in Ontario, Canada -- featuring Jan Beecher! On a related note, read her AWWA article [PDF] on why water budgets are not such a great idea. (Irvine Ranch Water District, btw, can use them because they can afford to spend big money on setting up a complex system.) Then read my post on why uniform rates are better than increasing block rates. Then take a break for a coffee.

  2. A fun interview: "David Zetland is Brash, Outspoken and Unapologetic... and He’s Usually Right."

  3. Solutions Journal published my article on why and how we can use all-in-auctions (the "no regrets" mechanism) for re-allocating water.

  4. If you are interested in "Monitoring Drinking-Water Supply Beyond 2015 - Preparing the Next Generation of Global Indicators," then you many want to listen to the MP3 [2 hrs 40MB] I recorded at the World Water Forum in Marseille.

  5. "How to Fix U.S. Water Policy? Less Government, More Market Pricing." Agreed!

  6. How deep did the Titanic sink? REALLY DEEP (click to enlarge).
H/Ts to BP and AR


Peter Easton said...

David, I'm intrigued by this comment in the article referenced in item 2 interview: "gives a shockingly bullet proof and well-reasoned explanation as to why there really isn’t a global water crisis at all." Do you have a link to more on that from you?

David Zetland said...

@Peter -- You can listen to our interview @ that post, but whoops... he's referencing my comment. It's likely that I said there's no crisis in water, but management. Change the management (relatively easy, except for power structures), and voila -- no crisis. (By using more economics to allocate water, e.g.)

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