27 Mar 2012

Anything but water

  1. "All told, Dogon women menstruate about a hundred times in their lives. (Those who survive early childhood typically live into their seventh or eighth decade.) By contrast, the average for contemporary Western women is somewhere between three hundred and fifty and four hundred times." All women should read this article on the Pill, cancer, etc.

  2. Six things rich people need to stop saying. Supposed to be funny, but pretty sad that it's true.

  3. Coyote agrees with Zetland's Axiom.

  4. Watch this fantastic TED video in which James Hansen explains why we need to prevent climate change and how to do so (except for the lack of political will/cowardice/corruption). This post, OTOH, shows how screwed we are (+3-6 C). Sad.

  5. 8,600 researchers (I'm one!) and counting who are boycotting Elsevier (not the only one!) for charging too much for access to knowledge. Sign up!

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