13 Dec 2011

Speed blogging

  • This paper (PDF in French but try Google translate) describes how people in France decide among multiple water sources (municipal, untreated groundwater, stormwater and greywater) based upon the water quality they need and the relative cost of each type of supply.

  • Pesky academics: "Although the Groundwater Management Act was designed to end groundwater overdraft by 2025, in part through progressively more efficient water-use standards, our findings [PDF] reveal that the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the state legislature, and the municipal water providers in metropolitan Phoenix have steadily eroded conservation standards and made woefully inadequate progress toward reducing urban water demand."

  • "On the Water Front vol. 2 offers a collection of the most innovative and important insights on water and water quality presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm... on how the public health sector will be impacted by climate change, the most potent policy cocktails to protect coastal waters, the best-practice solutions to wastewater reclamation and reuse, what the potential onset of peak water and peak phosphorus could mean to humanity, new ideas to mitigate the growing dangers of chemical and agricultural pollution to human and environmental health, and much more."

  • An interesting overview of water markets [PDF] from 2006, with an emphasis on Texas.

  • Apartheid in Israel: "Under the 1995 Oslo II agreement, he explained, the Palestinians had agreed to an inequitable distribution of the Jordan River’s water. Roughly 90 percent of the water supply was allotted to Israel and 10 percent to the Palestinians, he said, and the Israelis had veto power over even the simplest rainwater catchments projects in the territories. All water-related projects required technical, political and military approval by the Israelis...the Palestinians’ consent to inequitable use of the Jordan and transboundary aquifers shows that hydro-hegemony can be attained by coercion rather than force."
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