2 Dec 2011

Speed blogging

  • Thanks to my hosts at University of Reading, I was able to give a talk about The End of Abundance. Most of the 80 minutes [MP3] was spent discussing (very good) questions from the audience (as I prefer). If you want to attend one of these talks, try to get to Den Haag on 8 Dec or San Francisco on 1 Feb (see right sidebar).

  • "Can we fight global warming with artificial global cooling?" Don't be silly, put your time and money into reading this report on adaptation strategies!

  • THIS is sustainable: "Creating local capacity for improved rural living standards through affordable and sustainable energy and sanitation solutions" [more on the project in Kyrgyzstan]

  • Jay Famiglietti (UC Irvine), as the Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecturer for 2012, will be delivering 50 lectures in 50 weeks around the world on water cycle change and freshwater availability [his stuff is in TEoA]. He's blogging here. You can see lecture dates here AND request that he come talk in your city!

  • A great article on water leakage in Canada (it's more expensive than just a little lost water!)
H/T to MF

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