2 Nov 2011

The updated End of Abudance is out!

After fixing a few typos, version 1.2 is now available*
This version should be stable for awhile** and the feedback so far has been encouraging.

There are seven, five star reviews on Amazon:
  • "Knowledge is power, ignorance is expensive, wasteful and dangerous"
  • "The End of Abundance should be read by all walks of life"
  • "The Case for Water Economics"
  • "Finally, some creative thinking"
  • "An accessible explanation of a complex topic"
  • "Innovative and Insightful"
  • "A Bleeding Heart Green Humanitarian Disguised as a Cold, Logical Libertarian"
...and over 30 endorsements given by water experts from around the world.

Bottom Line: If you haven't read the book, then now is the time to get it. If you know someone who should read it, then give it to them as a present. Learn more about the book and order here.

* As usual, there are bulk discounts for purchases of 20+ copies. Email me.
** The second edition will come out in late-2012 (at the earliest).

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