29 Nov 2011

Stupid fail

Some recent examples:
  1. Pens made out of recycled materials (eco pen!) that don't write, so I throw them away. The irony? My most-recent broken pen came from the London offices of the Institution of Civil Engineers!

  2. Airlines (like KLM) that will not put you on an earlier flight -- when they have empty seats -- unless you pay a $50 change fee (one reason to LOVE Southwest Airlines).

  3. Speaking of that -- just changed plans on an EasyJet flight. $200 gone.

  4. A conference that hands out a list of participants without emails!
What are yours?

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Anonymous said...

Except that I just spoke with Southwest and they do not allow you to get on earlier flights, even if there are seats available, if you book a ticket through their rewards program. There is not even an option to pay a fee to sit in that seat that will otherwise remain empty. Why would you penalize devoted customers who fly on your airline often enough collect miles, and in my case also pay an annual fee to have a Southwest credit card? I love Southwest too, but I'm adding this to the FAIL list.

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