30 Nov 2011

Speed blogging

  • "A federal advisory body has recommended that the Canadian government put a price on water used by industry... the report said that creating a water permitting system could create distortions to economic activity, while voluntary water conservation efforts have proven to be largely ineffective. The roundtable found that the natural resource sectors make up 86 percent of Canada’s overall water consumption. But the study urged government to do a better job of tracking water usage, including who the end users are, how much each is using, and what they’re using the water for."

  • "Contribute to the 6th World Water Forum and present your solutions." I have NO idea how these [thousands of] "solutions" are ever going to be presented in a useful way, but it's good to have "voice," right?

  • Not good: Foreign hackers disrupt operations at a water treatment plant. Homeland security denies the report, but others disagree. Fail.

  • If you think I do too much self-promotion, then you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

  • "Lodi votes against privatizing water treatment plant" because city managers "know and trust" the municipal staff. Sounds more like they care more about jobs for their friends than what's best for citizens.
H/T to RD

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