17 Nov 2011

Poll results -- work load

Hey! There's a new poll (water, energy, food) on the right sidebar:
Do you stop thinking of "work" at the end of the "work" day?
N/A -- I don't have a job 4%2
N/A -- My job is 24/7 (e.g., parent) 7%3
Yes 13%6
No 64%29
Maybe (I think of not wanting to go to work) 4%2
Maybe (I dream of work, in a bad way) 4%2
Maybe (fill in: _______)  2%1
45 votes total

These are kind of interesting results. I think that they reflect the readership of this blog, a lot of people who are very interested in their work (taking time to read -- and vote -- on this blog).

Bottom Line: It's nice to think about your work -- just don't let it ruin your life.

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