11 Oct 2011

Speed blogging

  • This weekly report [PDF] from Waterfind (Australia) shows what a REAL water market looks like. But they're not done yet! Western Australia's Department of Water recommends auctions for right to access scarce resources.

  • Judge Wanger says that employees of the US Fish and Wildlife Service acted in bad faith, giving an incredible testimony "riddled with inconsistency." Then he told them to stop activities they claimed would save the Delta Smelt. I long ago gave up trying to understand the details of this mess (so maybe I misunderstand his action), but I understand that "bad faith" means lying (bad move) and getting caught (worse move).

  • Rob Froetscher examines the affordability of water from US utilities, comparing PPP and municipal (private and public) providers. His paper has data challenges, but his provisional finding -- that PPP-utilities are more affordable -- is useful. Why? Because it supports the theory that PPP-utilities will use outside expertise to improve operating efficiency. Read the paper [DOCX] and send Rob comments.

  • Two examples of self-dealing in Colorado. First, there's the lawyer who represented farmers selling water and the utility districts that bought it. The farmers got screwed. Second, there was a deal to buy water where the cash traded hands before the water could. Ratepayers got screwed.

  • The EPA's guide to Effective Water Utility Management is highly recommended by a guy who's working to prevent the largest municipal bankruptcy in history (read more on Alabama wastewater and corruption.

  • "Australia now provides a great case study of the developments in maximizing water recycling opportunities from policy, regulatory and technological perspectives. This paper explores the evolution in thinking and how approaches to wastewater reuse has changed over the past 40 years from an effluent disposal issue to one of recognizing wastewater as a legitimate and valuable resource."
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Unknown said...

The Department of Water you refer to in this post is a state agency (for Western Australia, aka WA), not a federal Australian agency like you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Also, please note that both of the self-dealings in Colorado involved the same individual... Bob Lembke. He's the worst.

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