28 Oct 2011

A REALLY scary hockey stick

The Economist writes about the world passing 7 billion people, with a projected 2050 population of 9.5 billion.

Population and lifestyle are primary drivers of demand for water, so scarcity is on the rise... be prepared.


Eric said...

In pseudo economics speak, if you want me to pay attention to such graphs, oh The Economist, please factor in the externalities correctly and make a list of these factors.

If the availability of copper, water, fuel, antiseptics, or political instabilities caused by a larger population would make this projection false, please put in the corrections and let the reader know that you did it.

For instance, war and plague would seem to be likely at these high population densities but are probably not included in the projection.

David Zetland said...

@Eric -- not sure where you are going, but the graph just shows PEOPLE. The results of 9.5 billion people shall be shown in other graphs :)

Tim in Albion said...

Eric - The same could have been (and, in fact, was) said at many points to the left on that curve. Didn't stop it from climbing as shown. What specifically about the number 7 billion makes it different from the other numbers along the way? Yeah, it's a big number; but 6 billion seemed like a big number, and so did 4 billion, and 1 billion... and at each of those points, you could find people predicting doom, and other saying everything was fine. Both, of course, were wrong.

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