20 Oct 2011

How farmers sell water

Kevin France at SWIIM (Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management) sent me this email:
The SWIIM system uses a proprietary algorithm developed with the USDA that takes soil moisture, climatic, economic and water inputs, and “optimizes” the farm for economics and water allocation. It then attempts to “parse off” a portion of the water for use alternatively (lease to cities, municipalities and/or environmental) – that is designed to increase on farm net income by a significant amount. The software manages an entire river system or basin, and allow farmers to control the allocation of water on their respective operations – sort of like the Quickbooks of farming. It allows the farmer to monetize his asset (the water right) in multiple applications, opposed to just agriculture.

We have our first “water move” and client is scheduled in March 2012 – Fort Collins (a Colorado city), the Nature Conservancy and New Belgium Brewery (creator of Fat Tire) will pay a series of farmers to use SWIIM and save water on their farms. We are expanding into other regions as we speak.
Check them out.

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