31 Oct 2011

Gratuitous government-induced confusion

Yes, I am talking about the annual "daylight saving time" ritual for confusing people by changing clocks in various places on various days (yesterday in NL; next weekend in MOST of the US).
  • There's no evidence that DST saves any energy
  • DST does not "create" more day light (sorry, science-illiterate folks!)
  • DST only makes sense for businesses that keep the same hours (e.g., 9 to 5) regardless of the outdoor lighting; DST does not make sense for people who do not live by the clock or businesses that keep hours that best serve their customers.
  • In other words, DST works for government bureaucracies -- not normal people. For a curious example, look how Russia decided to face facts and end-DST, leading Belarus (Russia's lapdog) to also change, just to make sure "friends" could keep the same business stealing hours
Bottom Line: Governments use DST for their own purposes (based on a false assumption that they are going to save money), not for those of citizens.

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