21 Oct 2011

Friday Party!

Here's one way to prioritize your life:
When someone comes up with a new task/complexity for me, I ask them to justify it economically (usually ROI) so that I can determine where it should go on the list. Putting the ball back in their court means that I only have to pay attention to the highest ROI tasks and that I do not make enemies since it is their job to show me that what they have is of value to me. It is not my job to show value to them.

As an example, I got invited to give a talk 3 hours from here. The talk would be fun. My total time invested, however, would be 8 hours. I priced my marginal cost at $250 an hour and asked them to convince me that the talk would be worth $2,000 to me. They seem to have done that.
Think about that idea next time you are spending an hour commuting to work.

Or think about it this way:

Now go party.

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