10 Oct 2011

Contest entry: TEoA in Mexico City

Goal: Give the best example of the end of abundance in water and how people addressed the problem.

Anonymous writes:

The Irony: Mexico City was built on top of a lake, there was lots of water everywhere (main reason the Aztecs decided to establish there), so we can say water scarcity wasn't a problem) but now, many centuries after what is wrong? Well the city is sinking because constant depletion of its aquifers, the rate at which we are pumping water out of them is much higher than the natural or mechanical reload. We don't have a clear price policy on water and it is heavily subsidised. All problems have been partially “solved” trying to manipulate supply instead of demand etc.

So what is the best example of the End of Abundance?

People storing water in buckets for weeks, consuming as little as 25 liters per day per family. Fights at 5am in the morning over water rights when the pipes arrive to deliver water in 200 liter containers. Diseases and unsuitable climate for kids to assist to school and families spending as much as 60% of their income in water bottles (Mexico is the top consumer after USA of this un-sustainable product)

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