26 Oct 2011

Anything but water

The Economist destroys the case for solar subsidies:
The rush to subsidise solar power over the past decade has been massively wasteful and squalidly political. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the sorry saga of Solyndra, a Californian maker of novel tubular solar panels down the maw of which the Obama administration shovelled $535m in the hope of “green jobs” and photo ops. It got instead mismanagement, bankruptcy and scandal. The money wasted on Solyndra, though, is as nothing compared to the tens of billions of euros squandered on solar panels in Germany. So little electricity do these panels produce under its cloudy northern skies that the emissions from a single large coal-fired power station are enough to nullify all the benefits that their carbon-free contribution might bring. The green jobs they, too, were meant to bring are largely, though not entirely, in China.
For part two on that sentiment, check out their musings on "green jobs"

"Government obstructing access to science data" .. in the same way that I blogged a few weeks ago. Seems that Obama has gone from hero to zero on government transparency.

Why alcohol and cigarettes, but not marijuana? A very funny letter to Obama (who's also failed to end extended the War on Drugs Common Sense).

Speaking of alcohol and cigarettes, this article explores how employers who pay for medical insurance are pressuring workers to quit smoking (or be fired), eat healthier, exercise (or pay a penalty), and so on. Violation of rights? Nope -- they pay, they tell you how to play. (Individuals in the Netherlands buy their own health insurance -- I pay about $125/month for "basic" -- and make their own decisions.)

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WL said...

Your blog post today about solar energy excerpted from The Economist is peanuts compared to what is being revealed about wind turbines mainly by independent engineers from the Netherlands. Wind and solar power are "dirty" and INDIRECTLY increase pollution.

Read: http://www/calwatchdog.com/2011/10/13/windmill-gate-scandal-blowing-in-the-wind

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