27 Sep 2011

Speed blogging

  • This post on the legal/financial shenanigans of the owners of Fiji water and the Kern Country Water Bank provides a warning: people in the habit of exploiting loopholes are likely to overuse water when institutions for dealing with scarcity are absent.

  • "Researchers from Conservation International and WWF... suggest that the climate change impacts on long-lived water infrastructure for energy production, agriculture, transportation, and supply and sanitation demand a much higher level of coordination between economists, engineers, and ecologists to achieve a viable vision of sustainable development and green economies over the coming century. The authors also propose a methodology for integrating effective climate adaptation into long-term water resource management and conservation."

  • The Water Challenge is offering $50,000 for innovative solutions to flood management in New Orleans. Preliminary application deadline 30 Sep!

  • The NSF has just awarded lots of $$ to researchers looking at How Humans and the Environment Interact. Many interesting projects there.

  • Pepsico and The Nature Conservancy have a short report on sustainable management of water risk in communities [PDF]
H/Ts to CC and EF

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