26 Jul 2011

Speed blogging

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is placed at No. 13 on a list of "The 19 Most Hated Companies in America," mainly for suspicious billing practices. Maybe it's time for LA to simplify its inefficient politicized (big hot lots get more water) water tariffs?

The Dew Bank collects dew for drinking water (wonder about cost-benefit):

The EU issues a boring statement on sustainable water management. Africans are looking for more data on drought. Kansas farmers are using water options to reduce the harm from drought.

State of the Oceans? Mass extinctions. Thanks for asking. In unrelated (?) news, the Americans decide to create ... an ocean health index.

Aguanomics is one of the top 25 water conservation blogs.

Gates Foundation donates $8 million to UNESCO-IHE (the Institute for Water Education), where I just taught. Win! They are also looking to reinvent the toilet. Tyler Cowen calls fail.

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