19 Jul 2011

Speed blogging

  • The Fresno Bee writes that Senator Feinstein is working hard to balance her constituents' conflicting demands for water (for ag or the environment, for example) ahead of her re-election campaign. Besides the obvious question (she's 78, may be she should retire?), I suggest that she lower her blood pressure by moving more water allocation decisions from the political to the economic arena (markets!).

  • Jennifer Moeller-Gulland (a colleague on my EU project) wrote her Oxford MSc on water markets in the UK. Check out ``The Initiation of Formal Water Markets -- Global Experiences Applied to England" [PDF]

  • Tracy Mehan sent a good example of fiscal mismanagement at a water utility that had no rate increases since 2005 and was tranferring $2 million per year to the city. Those transfers were ended, but the utility is NOW short on money. Why? It was underinvesting in maintenance. Now it needs a 15 percent rate increase but is asking for only an 8 percent increase. Fail.

  • A report on groundwater management in California says that some local areas do a good job without central interference. That's great, but the problems are in the areas where management transfers water from some to others or is unsustainable for all. We need to monitor and report groundwater levels and withdrawals.

  • The IWA World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy takes place in Dublin, Ireland from 13-18 May 2012.
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