13 Jul 2011

Speed blogging

  • Atlanta and Georgia won the right to water from Lake Lanier. Now that the court has established the rights, it's time for the politicians to negotiate who should get water and who should get money. A tri-lateral monopolistic negotiation among governors would be a nightmare. Better to allow users to bid for water in an all-in-auction, with revenues going to those with the property rights.

  • "Consider climate change in hydropower relicensing"? Definitely!

  • T. Boone Pickens makes lemonade out of his failed attempt to mine and export water from the Texas Panhandle to thirsty cities by selling his 211,000 acres of water rights for $103 million to local cities. (Not sure how much water is connected to those rights, but remember that the Ogallala aquifer is mined.) I am not sure who won and lost in the deal -- Pickens, the politicians, citizens, the Ogallala, or everyone.

  • PepsiCo grant supports clean water in rural China. This is a waste of money in a country that's got $3 trillion in cash reserves. I hope that Pepsi is getting lots of advertising out of it, and I wonder if the central government will see it as a sign of their incompetence.

  • San Diego is spending $12 million on a test plant to recycle water. Might be a good price if it convinces citizens to accept "toilet [to treatment plant] to tap" supplies.
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