1 Jul 2011

Speed blogging

  • Homeowners facing higher water prices remove lawns to use less water. (Hey Mulroy -- you don't have to pay them! Just raise prices.)

  • Nice profile of water.org (Matt Damon and Gary White) and method of trying to improve water service in Africa. (FYI, the Sahara may be greening as climate change shifts precipitation patterns -- or maybe not, says an expert from the World Bank I just met...)

  • Circle of Blue on the impact of energy production and use on water supplies. (In my book, I explain how this is due to bad water management/lack of pricing.) Speaking of which, ten fracking facts you should know. The Union of Concerned Scientists also reports on energy-water in the US.

  • A handbook on adapting urban water systems to climate change.

  • "The 40th anniversary edition of There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch has a new introduction and commentaries by the author, Edwin G. Dolan, covering climate change, globalization, and ecosocialism; examines successes and failures of environmental policy over the past four decades; and explains why it is so hard to get policies right. The central theme of the book remains the TANSTAAFL principle: The polluter must pay. Market mechanisms, prices, and protection of property offer a surer path to a cleaner and more sustainable future than either bureaucratic controls or moral suasion unsupported by economic incentives." Order it here.
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