21 Jul 2011

Reviews (so far) for End of Abundance

18 Jul 2011: Tyler Cowen @ Marginal Revolution:
There are five new popular books on water this year. The two I will recommend are: Steven Solomon, Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization [aguanomics review] and David Zetland, The End of Abundance: Economic Solutions to Water Scarcity. Of the five books, this one has the most policy truth.
17 Jul 2011: Tim Shah @ Enviroboys:
I strongly recommend that anyone interested in earth's most precious resource -- the one that keeps us going everyday, provides a natural beauty to our planet and provides a habitat for millions of species -- read this book! The stories, ideas and insights in this book are so valuable whether you are a water manager or someone interested in conserving water. I enjoyed reading the book very much and continue to enjoy Zetland's blog (Aguanomics). I think it's people like David who take the time to write such books, deliver public lectures and write blog posts on this topic that will help shift the way we manage our water in the 21st century.
July 2011 @ The Horinko Group:
The Horinko Group highly recommends reading David Zetland’s new novel [Novel?], The End of Abundance: Economic Solutions to Water Scarcity.

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