19 Jul 2011

Bon strategy to reach Jovi

Cristie sent me this update on her quest to win a contest to manage JBJ for a day [earlier post]:
It was a nail biter! I had to employ quite a bit of strategy at the end, but Bon Jovi has declared me the winner of the referral contest :) Thought I was going to lose my shorts on this one, but it worked out. Oddly, the #2 girl chasing me drove the price up substantially by chasing me, and she risked it all at the end essentially "doubling down" two hours before the contest ended without having much of a game plan. She even added 55 people AFTER the contest closed. It was crazy.

I just wanted to thank you for your help on this and for your humor. Believe me, I do have far more substantial hobbies than this...
I asked for clarification about her competitor's late additions, and she replied with:
It was strange. I don't know if she didn't read the rules to see when the contest ended (11:59pm Pacific Standard Time), or if she didn't understand that time zone. It is also possible that she was just trying to enter her people after the fact to sort of "sneak in" ... she did surpass me 1hr and 50 minutes after the contest ended. She also may have naively thought..."well, as long as they keep taking my referrals and giving me credit for them, then I will keep entering." In fact, when I woke up the next morning, Bon Jovi's website had her in the lead! That was unnerving. I did take multiple screen shots along the way to document that I had actually won and I embedded them in an e-mail or two to Bon Jovi Management... just in case.

Another thing that was odd, and honestly needs to get fixed, is the fact that the contest should actually shut off. After the contest time frame is over, if someone tries to enter a referral, a page should pop up that indicates that the contest is closed and that if you would still like to submit your referral, you can, but that you will not be given credit for it in terms of the contest. English is a second language for this girl and maybe she just didn't understand the rules. That being said, I am a big believer in personal responsibility... if you are entering a contest written in a language that you are familiar with but not fluent... take caution!! I don't get it. I actually sent her a message via Facebook 9 minutes and 13 minutes after the contest ended letting her know that she was wasting her resources given that the contest had closed.
I agree with Cristie's thoughts on this problem and personal responsibility (as well as her solution), but I think the contest organizers should refund money/allow cancellations on those later additions. Maybe some of them DO want to become fan club members, but the disconnect between the contest rules and technical behavior of the site (including updating the lead) was unnecessarily confusing, and the cost/benefit of new membership changed substantially after midnight.

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