8 Jun 2011

Poll results -- who should regulate?

Hey! There's a new poll (net losses?) on the right sidebar ===>
The people charged with regulation and oversight of water agencies (urban, agricultural, etc.) should be
100% elected 13%9
75% elected & 25% technocrat 7%5
50% elected & 50% technocrat 35%24
25% elected & 75% technocrat 30%21
100% technocrat 14%10
69 votes total

This distribution makes a lot of sense to me. Over 70 percent of people are "in the middle" on regulating and oversight. Unfortunately, most regulators are either elected (political overseers of municipal utilities) or technocrats (PUC staff overseeing investor-owned utilities).

Can anyone describe situations where oversight is 50/50 mixed? This case may exist with an actual partnership of equality, or perhaps it's the de facto case where political overseers rely on their professional staff to carry out oversight.

Your observations and stories of success and failure welcomed!

Bottom Line: Water management involves both political/social and economic/technical criteria. Regulation and oversight needs to take all dimensions into consideration.

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