20 May 2011

Speed blogging

  • OTPR has a good rant on policy-makers' ignorance of the limits of science:
    This is not “bad science.” This is incomplete science and bad policymaking. So I’m tired of hearing about Science as an omniscient neutral kingmaker who is going to weigh in on an advocate’s side any day now. I don’t want to hear about whether science is good or bad from lawyers and politicians who determine the quality of science by whether they like the results
  • I was interviewed by Thomas Nehls of ARD ("the BBC of Germany" and world's largest public broadcaster) while in Berlin on water, business, human rights and politics. This MP3 is just 8 minutes long [4 MB], but hopefully it's interesting.

  • Good overview [PDF]: "Sustained water conservation by combining incentives, data and rates to effect consumer behavioural change"

  • Water History has a new article [pdf] on Colorado River water markets.

  • Veolia's "Growing Blue" website compares water availability and use. Maplecroft has a lot of water stress data (for sale). (I am guessing that underlying data may come from the same sources, but maybe they are subjective aggregations. Uh oh.) Someone interested in finding out -- and looking for more data -- should try the Zanran search engine ("Your source for data & statistics -- graphs, charts and tables")
H/Ts to DL and RM

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