30 May 2011

Monday funnies

From the Onion:

142 Plane Crash Victims Were Statistically More Likely To Have Died In A Car Crash

WASHINGTON—Following last week's deadly crash of United Airlines flight 9753, which claimed the lives of 137 passengers and five crew members, the National Transportation Safety Board announced Wednesday that the victims were actually far likelier to have perished in an automobile accident. "Although these individuals died tragically, it's important to remember that their flight was 80 times less likely to kill them than if they had driven to their destination," said NTSB chairperson Deborah Hersman, adding that their horrific deaths were "almost a statistical impossibility" when compared to highway travel. "In actuality, these people were 11 times more likely to die crossing the street than in the terrifying onboard fire and subsequent 10,000-foot free fall that took their lives." Hersman concluded by reaching out to the victims' families, stating that she sincerely wished they would have been able to see 24 of their loved ones eventually die of violent heart attacks, 20 waste away from cancer, and one or two commit suicide, as would be expected of a random 142-person sample.

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Anonymous said...

This is true economist humour. The sort of stuff that very few normal people can actually laugh at. Especially when it is written in such a drol manner as this.

I have started to read your blog since I have been accepted to a PhD in your group (previously I was all about env-econ). I will be starting in July and I'm looking foward to meeting you.


Adam Walker

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