27 May 2011

Friday party!

Biker style!

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Umlud said...

Love it. However, with a mid-size car (say a Honda accord with a 15-gallon tank), making four fill-ups at $4-$5 will "only" give you $240-$300.

A new, good-quality commuter bike (i.e., a bike that will last you several years of moderate use before you start to shell out for more costly replacement parts) starts at ~$400.

Therefore, unless you're comparing the amount that you get to a truck like the F350 (40 gallon tank; $640-$800), you're not going to get a long-term (and four-season capable) bike that could last you your whole life.

Still, as much as I kvetch about the apparent conversion factor problem, I'm forwarding the picture widely. I hope that everyone has a chance to ride their bikes this weekend.

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