7 Apr 2011

Water Chats --- Wim Bastiaanssen

I had an exciting chat with Wim. He's a professor at TU Delft and founder of Water Watch, a company that combines satellite technology with analytical algorithms to measure water consumption (ET less precipitation), cropping efficiency and a number of other important indicators of human and environmental activities.WW is heavily involved in the "more crop per drop" movement that focuses on reducing over- and under-irrigation (whatever the technology) while maximizing yield.

Water Watch started in the Netherlands, but they do a lot of survey work around the world (China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc.) -- click here for a clickable map linked to their projects.

I was pleased to hear that WW is in discussions for a big expansion of its services. We need LOTS of data on water use. Listen to our 45 minute talk [18MB MP3]

Bottom Line: What gets measured gets managed.


Anonymous said...

Great chat! Very refreshing to hear what is possible.

I just hope this technology gets widely adopted soon!

I found this informative text about the "water productivity" concept on the Waterwatch website:

Anonymous said...

Dear David, could you put the transcribe audio for non english speakers as me can understand it completely?



David Zetland said...

Sorry Erick. I do not have those resources.

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