14 Apr 2011

Water charity WTF

I got this email on April Fools,* but it's serious:

"We would like to introduce a new and innovative London-based charity called 2 Water Charity. 2 Water aims to provide water to those most in need of it via wine-tasting events, therefore turning wine into water. We have used the unprecedented idea of turning wine into water, appealing to wine lovers worldwide, giving them the opportunity to turn their passion into a charitable action.

What do we do?
We are developing water and sanitation projects in Malawi, Central African Republic and India, and are currently in the process of elaborating a water purification strategy in Eastern Europe."

Elaborating? WTF? I could spend a few days making fun of this organization ("Our passion for the art of wine and expertise in the development sector motivated us to use wine as a vehicle to diminish this gap in living standards"), but I am going to leave it to you to find the best-worst statements from their website.

Bottom Line: 2 Water is a neat way to get people to pay for organizers' lifestyles.**

* April Fools posts from UC Davis Delta guys and Aquadoc, who goes downhill from "Lynn Don LaDouche" :)

** "Our trip to Miami signifies more than one cause for celebration. It is a delight to be launching 2 Water in America from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by white sandy beaches and immersed in a lively, vibrant atmosphere"

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Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE... I can see potential for a fuck2trafficking project where every time you pay for sex you offset your guilt donating to a charity that prevents trafficking....

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