13 Apr 2011

End of Abundance -- progress report

The book is on track for a 1 June release in paperback, PDF, kindle and eBook formats.*

I am NOW looking for:
  • blurbs from people who are famous within their community (engineering, law) or just plain famous (Matt Damon? Jack Nicholson?).
  • people who need months of lead time to order books for classes, companies or organizations.
If you or someone you know is in either or both of these categories, then please email me. I will send you a PDF of the current (draft) version of the book.

If you want a review copy of the final version, please email me (including the outlet for your review), and I will send you a paperback or electronic copy after 1 June.**

The book's website is filling in. It will eventually include sample chapters, blurbs/reviews, a discussion forum, multiple ways to purchase the book, etc.

At the moment it only has a link to 13 YouTube videos (total length under an hour) in which I describe the book (13 min) and each of its 12 chapters (2-4 min/each).

Go, watch and leave comments! :)

* The subtitle is "economic solutions to water scarcity"
** I'll contact those of you who helped with earlier drafts, to send you your copy.

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