18 Apr 2011

The Big Thirst and TEoA

LP and RD sent me this WSJ review of Charles Fishman's new book (I am waiting for my review copy).

I thought that the conclusion was quite good:
He does not offer much of a model for how this pricing system might evolve or how it might win political favor among people whom he has told us time and again resist even small changes in flat-rate water bills. But policy analysis is not really the point of his book, which is at its best when it is being merely descriptive, not prescriptive. Ending it with this simple yet radical pricing idea merely leaves us thirsting for more.
Conveniently, that's exactly the goal and purpose of my book: economic solutions to water scarcity.


By the way, I've set up a simple form for you to fill in if you want to be notified as soon as The End of Abundance is available. It takes about 30 seconds. Go!

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