7 Apr 2011

Anything but water

  • 15 Fascinating TED Talks for Econ Geeks

  • Cell phones tracking your every move (worse than Facebook?)

  • Until recently, you could download my PhD dissertation for free or buy a nicely bound copy for $91. Now you can get the download bound for $9.99 plus postage (click here, then on Purchase Bound Hard Copy). Awesome.

  • "The world learned of oil transport giant Enbridge’s strategy for handling inevitable oil spills along its proposed pipeline through pristine British Columbian wilderness: mop it up with human hair." A YesMen hoax exposing Enbridge's indifference to the environment.

  • "Disaster Relief as Bad Public Policy: Only 25 percent of the respondents to a survey conducted in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina identified government as their most important source of aid. Government relief to disaster victims is often less effective than aid provided by volunteers, non-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises, and it often facilitates corruption, encourages growth in disaster-prone areas, and crowds out self-help."


Alex Trembath said...

David --

This isn't really relevant to the post, but I had a question and thought you might have the answer.

I was under the impression that institutions that sell food and/or alcohol are required to provide free tap water. They can charge a fee for the cup or the ice, but not the water. However, I'm finding conflicting information about this online. Is there a US or CA law that requires the food industry to provide free tap water, to your knowledge?

David Zetland said...

Alex -- good question. I'll make it into a post. There are other important nuances...

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